Guide on making, and buying from, shops.

Making Shops

To make a shop you firstly need to buy a shop token. These cost $50 (aka 5 diamonds) and are purchasable from /warp spawn - just right-click the slab with the floating torch and press the gold ingot to purchase! You need one of these tokens for each 10x10 area of land your shop uses, this includes the walls and any terraforming.
We have no restrictions on the actual building on your shop but please don't make it inappropriate and also put some effort into the build, wooden huts will be removed.
Once you have some walls built up around your shop just place a bottom-slab down wherever you'd like the actual shop to be. Then right-click this slab with a stick in your hand, this will open up a GUI.
Firstly you need the item you want to sell in your inventory. Then once you see the red-stained glass, just click that item. In the new GUI click the lime glass pane and type in chat however many $ you'd like to sell your item for! Then click the yellow glass pane and type in chat how many of the item you'd like to sell per the amount to chose to sell it for. If you'd like to buy that item from players select the red glass pane and chose a price you'd like to buy said item for, note we don't recommend this but the feature is there if you need!
Information on stocking your shop is at the bottom of this page!
Once you have the prices and quantity to your satisfaction just press the nether-star and boom, your shop is ready! The final thing you need to do is stand in your claim and run the command /containertrust all
If you haven't claimed your shop please read the page below this text to learn how to do so!

Buying from shops

Buying from shops is fairly simple, firstly you'll want to hover your mouse over the gold-ingot. In the item lore you'll see Buy for $123. To check if you have the money needed to buy run the command /bal
If you do indeed have the money needed and are satisfied with the price, just click the gold ingot and it'll send your money to the seller and the item purchased will appear in your inventory!

Stocking your shop

To stock your shop just right-click your shop and shift-click the chest-minecart.
You'll need the item you are selling in your inventory to do this!
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