Just a list of all the useful warps!
We have various different warps since RTP sometimes takes you many millions of blocks out, enabling you to get anywhere as quickly as possible!

List of the Warps :

  • spawn - just a warp to spawn!
  • end - just a warp to our primary end dimension!
  • hub - a warp to the area you initially spawn into, doesn't really have a use.
  • shop - the same thing as spawn, just giving you another option.
  • Meqosa - a town, this is no longer an active town but it's cool to take a look around!
  • Diversia - another town, quite larger than the last, it's also no longer active but it's a good place to take a look at server history!
  • EndFarm - a public XP farm, provided by mythiccal
To get to any of the above listed warps just run the command below, and replace name with any name of the warps above.
/warp name
Please do not take from any chests or shulker boxes at any of these warps, especially Diversia and Meqosa, doing so may result in a ban - same goes for breaking any blocks that may not be claimed.
Last modified 1yr ago
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